Why I Changed My Mind on Medical Marijuana

Dr. Sanjay Gupta  |  CNN

It’s been eight months since I last wrote about medical marijuana in August 2013, apologizing for having not dug deeply into the beneficial effects of this plant and for writing articles dismissing its potential. I apologized for my own role in previously misleading people, and I […]

The Endocannabinoid System

Dustin Sulak, DO

As you read this review of the scientific literature regarding the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, one thing will become quickly evident: cannabis has a profound influence on the human body. This one herb and its variety of therapeutic compounds seem to affect every aspect of our bodies and […]

How Medical Marijuana Works

United Patients Group

The Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

There are over 400 natural compounds in medical marijuana and, of these, eighty are only found in cannabis plants. These eighty special compounds are known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids relieve symptoms of illness by attaching to receptors in the brain that look for similar compounds […]

Uses for Medical Marijuana

There are many known therapeutic uses for medical marijuana. Throughout history marijuana, also called cannabis, has been used for almost everything from common aches and pains to more serious conditions and ailments like cancer and other diseases.

Topical uses of marijuana

Medical marijuana will help treat many conditions when used topically including: rough or dry skin, arthritis, […]

Support for Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Policy Project

Support from the Public

A May 2013 Fox News poll found that 85% of Americans think “adults should be allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician prescribes it.” Voters in 11 states have enacted medical marijuana laws by statewide ballot initiatives. In Michigan in […]

1.4 Million Californians Have Used Medical Cannabis and 92% Believe It Has Helped A Serious Medical Condition


A new study shows that 1.4 million Californians have used medical cannabis and an overwhelming majority of those users (92%) believe cannabis helped treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition. The study, which will be published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, challenges the commonly held perception that medical […]