Studies: Medical Marijuana Laws Do Not Increase Youth Marijuana Use

Paul Armentano | The Daily Chronic | April 2014

The enactment of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended use of cannabis therapy is not associated with increased levels of marijuana use by young people, according to data published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Researchers at Rhode Island […]

After California Decriminalized Marijuana, Teen Arrest, Overdose and Dropout Rates Fell

Christopher Ingraham | The Washington Post

A new report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice adds to the growing body of evidence that legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana does not lead to any number of doomsday scenarios envisioned by legalization opponents. Looking specifically at California, where […]

Teen Use Declines in Medical Marijuana States

Christopher Ingraham | The Washington Post

Opponents of marijuana legalization are rapidly losing the battle for hearts and minds. Simply put, the public understands that however you measure the consequences of marijuana use, the drug is significantly less harmful to users and society than tobacco or alcohol.

But opponents still […]