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Support from the Public

A May 2013 Fox News poll found that 85% of Americans think “adults should be allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician prescribes it.” Voters in 11 states have enacted medical marijuana laws by statewide ballot initiatives. In Michigan in 2008, the medical marijuana initiative received 63% of the vote, more than the 57% Pres. Obama received in the state. In November 2010, Arizonans passed a medical marijuana law in an election that saw overwhelming Republican victories on every level of that state. Most recently, in November 2012, 63% of Massachusetts voters supported a ballot initiative to enact a compassionate medical marijuana program in their state. There, too, medical marijuana received a larger percent of the votes than Pres. Obama, who got 60% of the vote in Massachusetts.

Support from the Medical Community

American College of Physicians
Institute of Medicine
American Public Health Association
American Nurses Association
American Academy of HIV Medicine
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Lymphoma Foundation of America
American Medical Student Association
Epilepsy Foundation
The state medical societies of New York, Rhode Island, and California
and more.

The American Medical Association “calls for further adequate and well-controlled studies of marijuana” and believes that “effective patient care requires the free and unfettered exchange of information on treatment alternatives and that discussion of these alternatives between physicians and patients should not subject either party to criminal sanctions.” In 2009, the AMA recommended the federal government consider reclassifying marijuana to facilitate research. That same year, delegates voted down a resolution saying that “smoked marijuana should not be recommended for medical use.” — These views stand in sharp contrast to the actions of the federal government, which has systematically hampered research and attempted (unsuccessfully) to bar doctors from recommending marijuana to their patients.

In February 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that three-quarters of surveyed physicians would recommend medical marijuana to a patient when they were presented with a hypothetical case and arguments for and against medical marijuana.

Support from the Religious Community

United Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church
United Church of Christ
Episcopal Church
Unitarian Universalist Association
Union of Reform Judaism
Progressive National Baptist Convention
and more.

Endorsements from the Press

The Economist
New York Times
Miami Herald
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel
Boston Globe
USA Today
San Francisco Chronicle
Chicago Tribune
Washington Post
New York Daily News
Las Vegas Sun
Roanoke Times
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Daily News
The Tennessean
Rocky Mountain News
Newark Star-Ledger
New Haven Advocate
Providence Journal
Hartford Courant
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Baltimore Sun
Daily Record
Pioneer Press
The Oregonian
West Virginia Gazette
Scientific American
And many, many more.